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When you enter the praxis please do always meet the receptionist, even if you made an appointment beforehand. 

However, we will never expect that you had made such an appointment in advance. As general practitioners / internist we understand that most issues of our patients occur suddenly and unexpectedly. In such cases we want to encourage you to address us at once and not to wait for an appointment. Of course you may call us and fix one first (even on the same day) in order to minimize your waiting time.

In common our patients need to wait less than 30 minutes - even without an appointment. In case we cannot meet our aims in the times of the flu or for other reasons we wish to apologize.

For routine investigations and procedures like ECG, sonogram or a check-up we strongly advise you to call to reserve a proper slot for you. Needless to say: We will always aim to honor an appointment. 

At most times at least two doctors are working in parallel. Some patients do have appointments; some are waiting for the lab or e.g. ECG. Thus, patients coming in later than others, still might appear to be served first. Should you have questions, however please do not hesitate to ask the personal!

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